Mobile Auto Repair Solutions

Let Us Come to You!

There are over 248,000,000 vehicles in operation in the United States with an average age of 9 years for cars and 7 years for light trucks. 80% of these have some type of minor cosmetic damage such as scuffed bumpers, scratches and dings.

Traditionally, small repairs of this nature are either ignored, because of the cost of such cosmetic repair, or sent to the Body Shop where the vehicle owner experiences generally significant expense and the inconvenience of the down time required for the repair.

Company fleets are a prime example of this need. It can problematic to have a vehicle in the shop for three or four days for minor repairs, and not necessarily cost effective to have such repairs done, but as the vehicle reflects the company and its image, it is essential that the unsightly damage is repaired.

From this has evolved the idea of our Mobile Automotive Repair Solutions, producing quality results at a fraction of the cost of more traditional repair methods. We specialize in the smaller repair rather than replacing body parts. This way we can reduce the vehicle down time and most importantly keep costs to a minimum. Our technician is fully equipped on site to affect any cosmetic or minor structural repair.

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